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Welcome to Gran Azul Tours Tenerife Excursions & activities home page!. You are seconds away to experience the best tours, excursions and activities in Tenerife. We offer a great array of fantastic carefully handpicked excursions by land, sea or air in this beautiful island.


We can help to pick the perfect trip,tour or excursion for you and your friends or family. Discover the awesome nature of this Tenerife part of the Reserve of the Biosphere. Enjoy the experience of been at nearly 3.000 mt above the sea level at the magnificent mount Teide.

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You also can experience the Gran Azul Tours Tenerife Excursions & Tours with a dive deep into the clean ocean waters & swim with the wild dolphins & turtles. If you are more into the theme parks experience look no further, because we have a selection of the best theme parks in Tenerife. The world top ranked parks such as Siam Park or Loro Parque are two of the obligatory visits on the island. We have many more excursions & activities in Tenerife to offer to you.


Gran Azul Tours is a privately owned tours & excursions Spanish company based in El Palmar, Tenerife, Spain.

Our company delivers the most wonderful touring experience to our international customers year by year.

We like to help them by choosing the most exciting Tenerife Excursions & Tours to join in!.

Discover Tenerife with us!

You are at Gran Azul Tenerife Excursions & Tours home page  We do know well what is to bring a great experience and joy with our various excursions & activities.
Our customers from all around the world praise us everytime, for the great experiences they had every year.
Let us thrill you with the excursions & tours that we do in the nature of this beautiful island of Tenerife.


We are your one stop shop in Tenerife Excursions & Tours provider. We have the best choices for you in excursions & activities of all kinds. Could be in the south area of Tenerife or in other islands.

Gran Azul Tours

Gran Azul Tours is always very focused on provide the best quality activities and excursions to our clients. We also work hard to provide the best service and assistance to our international customers. Tenerife Excursions & Tours.

Explore Tenerife WITH US!

Excursions & Tours


Go kayaking into the beautiful beaches of Tenerife and enjoy the amazing marine life of the nature reserve in the south of the island. Snorkel with wild turtles and dolphins. Guided kayaking & snorkeling routes in the area of El Palmar.


One of the greatest trips in Tenerife, Kayaking & Fishing. At Gran Azul Tours we make it easy to immerse yourself in our fishing destinations and have a great catch!. Unleash your inner fisherman and discover  the different fish in the coast.


Book with us your next Kayak tour. We have good quality equipment and advanced guide for kayaking in the south of the island for you to bring you to the beauty of the ocean. We believe you will love and repeat with this exceptional tour.

By Sea

For the sweltering heat of Tenerife and its hazy sunshine, the perfect way to spend a holiday is with indulging in water sports. We have a great selection of the best Water Sports to experience the nature of the south coast of the island.


No matter what your ideal adventure involves, Gran Azul Tours make it easy to immerse yourself in each vibrant destination you visit. Unleash your inner explorer and discover  the culture and places in Tenerife.


Book the most popular Boat Tours and excursions in Tenerife with us. Each year we personally select some of the best and safest boat tours for you in the south of the island. 


Experience to see the island from above in our various air sports excursions. From Helicopter flights, to paragliding adventure, we can provide you with the real deal on air sports great experiences, that you will never forget.


Looking for the best Tenerife bus tours? We’ve got you covered with the best Bus Tours around the island. Tenerife has so much to see and do and that’s why many visitors start their trip off with a bus tour to see the most iconic sights.


There are plenty of things to do in Tenerife in the evening and we propose you to discover and enjoy the best night shows on the island. We have several evening and nightlife awesome events options for you too!.


Tenerife is the most visited of the Canary Islands & with some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes. If you are an outdoor lover & adventure seeker look no further! We have the most exciting and great!


Enjoy your holidays to the maximum by visiting the best water and theme parks on the island of Tenerife. This theme parks adventures can be the answer to an exciting day with your family or friends!


Book with us the most peaceful accomodation in Tenerife. Each year we can personally provide you in the south of the island with great accomodation. We think you would love it and repeat it again versy soon!.


Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in Spain. Dominated by Mount Volcano Teide, a world heritage site & an inactive volcano that is the highest peak in Spain.


Tenerife is well known internationally for the Carnival of Santa Cruz, a huge festival with parades, music, dance and colorful costumes. Among the important celebrations are also the popular festivals of the island.


The island has many beaches with sands that vary from yellow to black and touristic resort areas. This include Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, El Palm-mar and Los Gigantes among others.


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