The Palm-mar Cave Tenerife

El Palm-Mar Cave is the last point on our kayaking & snorkeling amazing tour on the Tenerife coast.

Here we put an end to the amazing experience, in a place full with a lot of magic.

The great El Palm-mar Cave is full of life and complete families of red and black crabs. All the crabs take sun baths and rest in the shade at the mercy of the tide. This is one of the best experiences and El Palm Mar Cave is one of the most spectacular sites. The South of Tenerife it is spectacular not only for it’s fascinating scenery, but also the abundance of different species. 

These species can usually be found here, not to mention the types of Moray eels. They live in and around the cave entrance, but you can find many more there.

Here is where our adventurers begin to relax after the rowing and the adrenaline rush left by dolphins and turtles watching.

Want to experience it? Let’s go kayaking!

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