How to Ride a Jet Ski for the first time: 10 Things to Know first!

Jet Ski Tenerife

How to Ride a Jet Ski: 5 Things to Know!

Do you want to feel the rush of your adrenaline? Drive from accelerating from zero to 60 mph in under five seconds!

We give you the best option in Tenerife: purchase a ticket at our excursions & activities shop and drive an amazing fast jet ski on the island Atlantic Ocean.

You are likely someone that seriously wants to pursue their dream of riding a jet ski on the ocean and feel the best experience. Then you’ve come to the right place at Gran Azul Tours. We are happy to explain to you the basis of riding a Jet Ski safely and in an amazing adventure. Our team at Gran Azul Tours has always had a passion for introducing beginners to the thrilling world of navigating the Tenerife south waters by Jet Ski.

We’ve just put together this simple beginner’s guide that will help you from a new driver to a seasoned waves jumper easily!

How to Ride a Jet Ski

If you are new to this water sport, starting out with these 10 super helpful tips before driving up will help you to get the most of it. Here are the basics of how to ride a jet ski:

1. Know your Boat-Ed: In TENERIFE, you DON´T NEED TO HAVE LICENSE before driving jet skis.

2. GET ON IT & find a sitting position that is THE BEST comfortable for you.

3. Place your hands on the bars and plant your feet in the footrests.

4. Before turning on your water bike, you must have a lanyard (or something similar) around your wrist that is attached to the key in the ignition. This setup is known as the kill switch cord. if you fall off, it kills the engine.

5. SWITCH on the jet ski ignition switch.

6. Slowly push the throttle in. Cruise around at about 5 -10 mph offshore until you’re comfortable with the sensitivity of the throttle.

7. After you’ve cruised to a safe distance from the shore…past obstacles and heavy boat traffic, you can accelerate and increase speed. However, stay at a speed you are comfortable with.

8. Steadily maintain this slow and steady speed. Lean your water bike in toward the direction of any turns you make.

9. Be mindful that jet skis need acceleration to turn most of the time. To avoid capsizing yours, keep the load balanced and centered.

10. Many beginners want to stand up on the ski, but resist the temptation until after you’ve become an intermediate or master rider. You could lose control of the Jet Ski or fall otherwise.

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