How to Kayaking in Tenerife


How to Kayaking in Tenerife

Kayaking is a popular water sport, so how to Kayaking in Tenerife. It’s a great way to exercise while enjoying your time out in nature. Before you start kayaking, you’ll need the proper guidance, or else you’ll end up flipping upside down! Keep in mind, the water can be unpredictable and you should always wear a life jacket when kayaking.

We will show you to get the best from your kayaking experience in the Tenerife ocean
Gran Azul Tour provide to you the best gear for experience this amazing trip
All things works the best when you have everything in control. All the safety measures are done, let´s go!
Let´s Go Kayak!
Now is time to kayaking into the waters of Tenerife & watch all the sea life and the amazing views

1.  Put on a life jacket and secure it before kayaking to stay safe.

You should never go kayaking without a life jacket in Tenerife. Either buy a life jacket or get one from us at Gran Azul Tours. Slide the life jacket on over your head and clip the straps together on your chest. Pull the loose ends on the straps to tighten the life jacket and fit it tight on your chest.

You should also wear a hard-shell helmet if you’re going white-water kayaking or kayaking in the ocean. It’s not a good idea to do this your first time out, though.

Best Gear

2. Find a calm, rock-free area to enter the water from the shore. If you’re taking the kayak out from a beach or shoreline, look for a smooth area where there’s a gradual slope into the water. Avoid areas where you see rocks or debris sticking out of the water.

If you’re getting into a kayak from a dock, you don’t need to worry about finding a calm spot to take the boat out.

3. Drag the kayak on to the shore by holding the strap in the front. To move the kayak, look at the front of the boat for a fabric strap. Grab this strap and drag the kayak slowly to take it closer to the water. If you’re with someone else, feel free to carry the kayak together to keep it off of the ground by holding it from each end.

You don’t need to do this if the kayak is tied to a dock.

Jumping into any new water sport or hobby can be not only daunting, but downright confusing. If you’ve never rowed or paddled before, your first time nestled within the bowels of a kayak may leave you feeling like a fish out of water. Especially if you haven’t yet received any kayaking tips.

4. Let the kayak down so the cockpit rests over the edge of the water. Drag the kayak directly to the edge of the water. Hold the paddle behind you while you drag the kayak with your free hand. Continue dragging the kayak and let it down so that the cockpit is resting on the spot where the water meets the shore.

If the paddle is in front of you and you drop it in the water, it may float away.

5. Scoot your way into the cockpit and extend your feet out. Set the paddle flat against the back of the cockpit and sit on the edge of the kayak. Then, slowly scoot your butt into the cockpit and bring your feet in one at a time. Slide back in the seat so you’re sitting up straight and extend your feet out in front of you to sit in the kayak.

  • If you’re getting in from a dock, use the edge of the dock to balance yourself. Set your feet inside the cockpit and stay low to balance your weight. Balance the paddle on the edge of the dock while you get in and sit in the seat.
  • If there are footrests inside of your kayak, put your feet on them.
  • Most people do not wear shoes when they’re kayaking. If you do want to wear shoes, throw on some water shoes.

6. Push yourself out into the water using your paddle and body weight. When you’re ready to embark on the water, grab the paddle and raise it vertically on your side. Dig the blade into the shore and scoot your weight forward repeatedly to push off into the water.

  • If you’re with any other people, ask someone to just push you into the water. This is a lot easier than scooting yourself in.
  • If you’re embarking from a dock, either wait for the tie rope to be untied by the dockmaster or untie it from the boat yourself and leave it tied to the cleat on the dock.

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