How to Snorkeling in Tenerife

snorkeling el palm-mar tenerife

How to SNORKELing in Tenerife

Snorkeling is a popular water sport, so how to Snorkeling in Tenerife. It’s a great way to exercise while enjoying your time out in nature. Before you start Snorkeling, you’ll need the proper guidance, that´s why we are here to help you! Keep in mind, the water can be unpredictable and you should always be careful when Snorkeling.

Let´s go Snorkel
Let´s go Snorkeling with us at Gran Azul Tours and also do the Kayaking excursions
We will show you to get the best from your kayaking experience in the Tenerife ocean
Gran Azul Tour provide to you the best gear for experience this amazing trip
All things works the best when you have everything in control. All the safety measures are done, let´s go!

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is swimming along the surface of the water. Enjoying the underwater world equipped with a mask (or googles), a snorkel (a shaped breathing tube), and swim fins.

The mask allows having a clear vision underwater. The snorkel make you breathe with the face submerged by water. The swim fins to move with less effort and more control.

Best Gear

it is TRAINING Required ?

Snorkeling does not require any special training, major expenses, or strong physical effort. It allows us to see the beauty of the underwater world- Like any water-based exercise, also provides amazing health benefits fr you body and mind.

If you like taking pictures or video, snorkeling is also an amazing opportunity to take epic underwater shots or marine life. For that, all you’ll need is a waterproof camera.

where to snorkeling?

Snorkeling is mostly practiced freely, entering the water from a beach or rocks. However, to reach some spots located far from the shore, a boat can be needed. Gran Azul Tours organize, all over the day or half-day kayaking & snorkeling tours which allows snorkelers to enjoy these spots, like the Tenerife coast barrier reefs.

Perfect snorkeling locations are warm and temperate seas, with translucent water, almost no waves or currents, and with vibrant marine life. The crystal coral reefs, with their colorful and rich biodiversity, are certainly the most popular snorkeling spots, but many other aquatic environments can potentially be explored.

But for that, you’ll need to know exactly where the best sites are located, and which marine life you may encounter there. And this is why we designed this Snorkeling report: to allow you to find and enjoy the best snorkeling spots with us in Tenerife!

Ready to jump in? Go to our homepage and start exploring El Palm-mar, Tenerife!

Rocky areas, seagrass meadows, lagoons and mangroves often make great snorkeling spots, as well as specific underwater caves, fissures, lakes, and even rivers, which offer memorable snorkeling experiences.

You’ll find on this page a description of the main snorkeling spot types, with pictures and specific info about the marine life they host.

underwater beauty

There’s no need to scuba dive to encounter the creatures we are all dreaming to observe underwater: colorful tropical fish (angelfishclownfishbutterflyfish…), sea horses, sea turtles, Manta Rays, octopuses, starfish, giant clams, moray eels, and even dolphins and whales

In El Palm-mar, Tenerife, you will even be able to snorkel with a lot of different sea life. There’s nearly no limit to the underwater sights you can make while snorkeling.


Snorkeling is an outdoor activity, in contact with the marine environment. Like all activities at sea, snorkeling can present some risks related to the natural environment. You may look at markers such as currents or dangerous species, or to other marine activities. We will tell you some simple advice to improve your safety before start snorkeling!

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