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Here at Gran Azul Tours we love to show to you some of the most useful information about Tenerife. Some of the best information about Tenerife that you may need to know when visiting us. Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in Spain, just very close to West Africa. It is dominated by Mount Teide, an inactive volcano that is the highest peak in Spain with its 3.718 meters above the sea level. It is also the most populated island of Spain, with a land area of 2,034.38 kilometers and with one of the best weathers in the world.


That’s the reason why Canary Islands is normally known as ¨The eternal spring¨ or ¨The Fortune Islands¨. Our constant temperature is about 23º C to 35º C during all year round. Also The Canary Islands holds some of the most newest touristic resorts in Spain. We have a record of 18 million travelers visiting all the seven islands every year.


Tenerife has many beautiful and clean beaches (with sands that vary from yellow color to black). We have also famous touristic resort areas, including Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz and Los Gigantes among others.  Also, you will find some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes when you take a trip to the forest or mountains. Discover the endemic species of plants and animals, the dry lava streams, etc



Ever wonder about snorkeling with turtles? Make your dream comes true now! Gran Azul Tours will provide you with all the equipment that you will need to swim between the turtles and take you to the hot spot in El Palmar where you can find the big sea turtles. This is one of the most exciting activities that you can do in the natural environment of the Tenerife coast and sure you will love to swim in between these turtles.
Don’t forget that also around the place the turtles are normally located swimming, there are also wild dolphins in this area, so you will be lucky to watch them swim and play.


Want to go hiking in Tenerife to explore more of this corner of the Canary Islands? There are many incredible hikes in Tenerife, that it would be a real opportunity while on the island because is the extraordinary part of it, were you can explore the amazing views, landscapes and diverse nature of Tenerife.

The island offers stunning hikes, so if you would like to join some guided tours that take you to the main places to visit in Tenerife, ask us and we can help & guide you to the best natural passages, walkways and natural areas of Tenerife, could be in the forest, mountains, canyons or next to the sea, we have you covered! Here is our selection of the best hiking places in Tenerife:

Mount Teide guided hiking tour  ·  Mount Teide hiking tour  ·  Mount Teide cable car fast track ticket  ·  Teide National Park, Volcano Teide and Masca guided tour  ·  Teide cable car  ·  Teide cable car at sunset  ·  Mount Teide observatory tour 


Feel the experience from the highest peak in Spain and spend the night at the tour ¨Teide By Night¨. Start early the ascent to the tip of Teide to see the sunrise. Feel this real spectacle for all the senses. The effort of wake up early and the walk are rewarded with the extraordinary views, the silence and that distinctive smell of sulfur from the sleeping volcano Teide. This the best information about Tenerife

You can also watch the sunrise from some of the Tenerife coasts. The most spectacular sunsets you can see in Tenerife are located in all the south area; Playa de Las Américas, Los Cristianos, El Palmar, Los Gigantes, etc.

This is a ¨must excursion¨ to do in Tenerife. Your family and friends will remember this beautiful sunrises or sunsets forever.

The exotic & beautiful landscapes you will visit while hiking to reach for the best sunrise or sunset locations, will introduce you to the extraordinary and fragile nature of the island. Could be exotic birds or eagles, the world protected plant species like the “Laurisilva”, or the famous millenary ¨Drago¨ tree. Sure you will love every of these excursions and activities. 


In Tenerife you will find some of the most beautiful & extraordinary beaches of the world. You can be in a natural volcanic black sand beach or in a golden sand beach. Its subtropical climate enjoys mild temperatures and it is sunny throughout the year, specially the south-west coast. The north and east side of the island also boast some of the most beautiful beaches, most of them with an extraordinary dark volcanic sand. All this beaches offers a truly amazing natural environment, surrounded by impressive cliffs and perfect for nature lovers in its purest form.

Usually the roads to reach them are decorated with stunning natural images that entertain and amaze the entire route, adding this an excellent value to each visit made to these beautiful beaches with unique and wonderful coastal landscapes. 

Every year between February and March, the most spectacular regional festivals of S/C of Tenerife take place, and with a global impact. We are talking about the famous Carnivals of Tenerife, some of the greatest colorful events of Spain which attract visitors, both from all the country and from the whole world. There are also many events of all kinds throughout the year on the island;  from patron saint festivities, carnivals, religious festivals, sporting events, Water Sports Championships, etc.

Si algo diferencia a la cultura y gastronomía de Tenerife es porque existe desde hace mucho tiempo una rica tradición cultural, por un lado ancestral y proveniente de los aborígenes Guanches, y por otro lado de las actuales modas culturales de las cuales los Canarios disfrutan hoy en día.

La cultura Canaria es muy amplia y en Tenerife se pueden encontrar ciudades artísticas como La Laguna, La Orotava o el casco histórico de Guía de Isora, que fue declarado Bien de Interés Cultural en el año 2009. También Tenerife dispone de otro Centro Histórico en Icod de los Vinos en el cual el El casco histórico de Icod de los Vinos es compacto y muy bien conservado (ostenta el reconocimiento de bien de Interés Cultural).

En la cultura de la cocina, los ingredientes frescos y orgánicos que las islas producen son de la máxima calidad, tanto por las temperaturas suaves que están a lo largo de la isla, como por la calidad de las tierras, aguas y aire. Existen unos cuantos tipos de productos en las Islas Canarias que sobresalen sobre el resto y que han sido premiados con galardones mundiales, entre ellos el queso y vinos de Lanzarote o los propios de Tenerife.

La cultura culinaria de la isla es muy amplia y saludable, desde platos con pescados del océano Atlántico y hasta carnes de la mayor calidad compiten por ser el centro del sabor en sus comidas.

The alternative manners of discovering a destination are required in this cases to find the most nature experience in Tenerife. We are talking about the Rural Tourism. Rural tourism has made its way through in Tenerife, an island already overwhelmed by traditional international tourism. However, rural tourism is increasingly popular on the island, given it accommodates excellently with a large range of leisure activities, rural houses and beautiful nature places, rural farming visits and stay on rural farms. Don´t miss the opportunity to stay in direct contact with the beautiful nature and landscapes of Tenerife and experience the natural and tranquil¨Rural¨ life .

After the Sun set and after having a great day of activities around the island, what better is than going out and experience the vibrant nightlife and leisure shows, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, etc that island offers? All over Tenerife you will find many events taking place everyday, from live performances, regional dance events to big concerts with live bands, Musical Orchestra spectacles or theater events. An island plenty full of exciting & spectacular things to do in the Tenerife nights.


The largest shadow cast over the ocean, Teide Volcano.

In the sunset or during sunrise you can see the shadow of the Volcano mountain Teide and much of the shadow is cast over the atlantic ocean.

There was a bigger Drago tree than the “Millenary Drago” from Icod.

In the municipality of La Orotava, in the north of Tenerife, there was a dragon tree that exceeded in size the famous Millennial Drago of Icod de los Vinos. This Drago fell with a storm in 1867.

Such was its relevance that this dragon tree is represented on the shield of the municipality of La Orotava.

Teide continues to expel gases.

One of the things that attracts attention at the top of Teide is the intense smell of sulfur, due to the fumaroles. At specific times they can become visible from the base of the Teide.

We have the longest volcanic tube in Europe.

The Cueva del Viento, with 17 kilometers, is the longest volcanic tube in Europe. In addition, in areas such as Icod, Chío or Las Cañadas del Teide there are numerous volcanic tubes.

Do you want to visit one of them? Contact us for booking your tours & excursions!

We have the second and third largest tree in Spain.

The Pino de las Dos Pernadas (56 meters high), and the Pino Gordo (45 meters high), are the second and third largest tree in Spain. Both are in the municipality of Vilaflor, very close to each other.

The coast of the island is full of «Bunkers»

In San Andrés, Candelaria, El Médano or Santa Úrsula we can see how the coast is dotted with machine-gun nests, built during World War II in the face of fear of landings on our coasts.

Trail from the beach to the top of Teide.

Route 0 – 4 – 0 is a path that connects Playa del Socorro with the top of Teide. From sea level to the highest point in Spain in just 27 kilometers.

Visit the most important Masonic Temple in Spain

Surely walking through Santa Cruz, this unique building, on San Lucas Street, has caught your attention. It is the Mason Temple of the Añaza Lodge, one of the most important temples in the country.

Tenerife on the moon.

In the Moon there are mountains called «Montes Tenerife» with a maximum height of 2400m, they are located in the Mare Imbrium in the north of our satellite. Next to the “Montes Tenerife” is the Piazzi Smith crater (who made the first astronomical observations in the Canary Islands).

Visit the best water park in the world

The Siam Park has received countless awards and international mentions that today make it the best water park there is. It has incredible slides, impressive Thai architecture and a beach with artificial waves that reach 3 meters high. The highest in the world!

overview of TENERIFE

Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. It is dominated by The Volcano Teide, a world heritage site & an inactive volcano that is the highest peak in Spain. This is a must activity to visit while here.

Tenerife is well known internationally for the Carnival of Santa Cruz. Our massive festival with parades, music, dance and colorful costumes. Among the important celebrations are also the popular festivals of the island.

The island has many beaches with sands that vary from yellow to black. We count with touristic resort areas, including Playa de las Américas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, El Palmar and Los Gigantes among others.

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