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Gran Azul Tours Kayaking excursions. We are your specialist company in the most incredible excursions and tours in Tenerife. Enjoy the activities we offer you to get to know Tenerife and spend an incredible vacation.

Ask us about our own excursions and tours in the south of Tenerife.


Our store at Gran Azul Tours Kayaking can provide to you an awesome and incredible adventure in the ocean. You will kayaking and snorkeling in between dolphins, turtles, Devilfish & other beautiful submarine creatures along this exciting journey. Join us now!


Gran Azul Tours Kayaking will make you feel the natural experience of fishing in the ocean. Fishing directly from your kayak with Gran Azul Tours Kayaking tours! We teach you the basic skills of kayaking. A guided kayak fishing excursions on the beautiful and natural coast of Tenerife.


Feel the experience of driving your own Kayak Rentals in the ocean by your own or with friends in a great adventure. We bring to you the way for rent our kayaks for your next adventure and also. Learn the basic skills of kayaking. After that, you are ready to go on our Kayaks Rentals and explore the ocean! Good luck!


Come and enjoy in our Gran Azul Tours Kayaking Windsurf excursions & tours. Practice with an easy, fun and for all ages sport. Enjoy calmly the first feelings of balance on a board, get control of the sail. Later when you are ready, let yourself be carried away by the wind.


Enjoy the incredible experience of hiking in with Gran Azul Kayaking Tours to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Alone or with friends, this is a great adventure that you cannot miss so that you get to know the island from a more natural point of view.

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