Kayaking and snorkeling in Tenerife.

Our expert guided excursions by kayak and snorkel on the coast of Tenerife will impress you. The excursion includes an initiation and snorkeling introduction to the necessary techniques and information you may need to know before get into the water.

The activity begins with an explanation about the handling of the shovel and the boat, and some guidelines for the excursion. After being prepared, the embarkation and a small practice are carried out to gain confidence.

· What is snorkeling? ·

Snorkeling is a practice of swimming and floating on the water surface while admiring the underwater world through a diving mask. You can be breathing through a shaped breathing tube called a “snorkel” and swimming around powered with fins.

When Kayaking and snorkeling in Tenerife, depending on the water temperature, a neoprene wet suit may be required. This equipment allows the person to observe the underwater world clearly, by floating on the surface with face submerged in the water, while swimming with less effort.

Snorkeling doesn’t require special training or large expenses for the equipment like scuba diving and gives you a great exercise. Even though it’s a fairly simple activity, if you have never done it before, we advise you to get some instructions or a guided tour. The guide will show you how it’s done, explain all the safety measures. Right after that, the guide will tell you interesting details about the area and underwater life and it’s creatures.


The tour begins, during which stops will be made for the guide to give an interpretation and tell curiosities of the area. The tour will be round trip.
The snorkeling activity will be carried out during the trip from the kayak itself or stopping at the specific sites for it, depending on the conditions.
Visit lonely beaches and beautiful caves. Do not miss the Tenerife beautiful island from this beautiful point of view.

· enjoy your kayaking ·

Join us! and enjoy the massive beauty of this trip. This experience will be in your heart forever! At Gran Azul Tours, we love the ocean and its great creatures. We diving with them daily and take our customers safely to experience this amazing dive too.

Get up close to dolphins and turtles in their natural environment in a non-intrusive adventure & snorkeling.
Enjoy our professional guided excursions by kayak and snorkel on the coast of Tenerife, El Palm-mar.

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