Ragnarok Tenerife


Ragnarok Tenerife Boat Trip.

We are pleased to present the new 2020-21 season of our RAGNAROK, it is the only ship in the Atlantic Ocean with a Viking theme, an unforgettable experience on the Island of Tenerife.

The theme and decoration of RAGNAROK transports you to a world of magic and mysticism. Discover, explore, surprise, travel to distant lands and the Viking culture. Also named, warriors of the north and giants of the sea.

The Vikings originating in the Nordic villages were great connoisseurs of the sea during the Middle Ages with their sailboats-DRAKKAR, with a short and wide hull furrowed our waters of the ATLANTIC OCEAN. We offer the public the best known aspects of the Vikings from their ships, warriors, commerce, daily life, clothing, the power of the king and his world of beliefs and religion. Without a doubt showing a unique experience.

It is a boat aimed for all audiences from babies to adults, (fun, adventure, adrenaline, tranquility, relaxation, food, whale watching…) even with reduced mobility, each one has their space to spend an unforgettable day.

The excursion begins in the Puerto de los Cristianos from which we depart and sail under the BLUE FLAG to meet the dolphins and whales, where our Viking sailors explain this wonderful world of cetaceans.

On our route at sea, we visit the coast of EL PAL-MAR, one of the best most representative volcanic spaces on the island of Tenerife with beautiful views of its cliffs with volcanic remains and the majesty of the TEIDE volcano.

In this environment our customers can enjoy a bath and a meal accompanied by drinks.


Sail through the south of Tenerife (Costa Adeje), enjoying the coast and watching dolphins and whales in a unique Viking experience in the world.


Enjoy shows and entertainment activities on board, swimming and snorkeling (snorkeling equipment included), where you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean.


Drinks: Soft drinks, beer, wine, water.
Lunch: Goulash, roasted chicken drumstick, wrinkled potatoes, mixed cabbage and carrot salad with sweet and sour vinegar.


Length: metres
Sleeve edge: 7 metres
Capacity: 87 passengers
3 toilets: 1 for men, 1 for women + 1 for disabled



Free for babies from 0 to 3 years old

Ragnarok Tenerife

Dolphins and Whales in their purest form

Enjoy the Ragnarok Tenerife

Ragnarok Tenerife departs every day from the exclusive port of Los Cristianos, Tenerife. Our Catamarán it is located in Puerto Colón Port (Pantalán 9).

We navigate two daily excursions of 3 and. 5 hours. After you get on board, we will give you a warm welcome and then we will start our navigation.

This Catamarán is the most ecological catamarán of its category, where you will be offered an unbeatable service. Also, enjoy a great & amazing journey in one of the most exclusive landscapes in Tenerife coast.

We provide on-board catering for adults (includes vegetarian, celiac and kosher menu). It is included unlimited drinks throughout the journey (sangria, beer, soft drinks and water). But also a spectacular and surprising Canarian dessert.

History, fun & adventure.

There is no boredom on board!

Ragnarok Tenerife Viking began its story in Tenerife in 2018. So far, we are the only one boat on the Canary Islands with a Viking theme, offering space for almost 100 people. The ship is also adapted for every person with disabilities.

A trip is an unforgettable journey back in time with the Vikings on board, surrounded by a unique interior climate where you can see the most beautiful sightseeing points of the island.

Two types of cruises:

2 hours and 3 hours.


Both take place in the southern part of the island (starts from Los Cristianos up to La Caleta). Therefore, you will have the opportunity to watch whales and dolphins. The 3-hour cruise includes also swimming time.

The ship’s Bar is open throughout the cruise, offering a varied menu also for vegetarians and vegans. All food & beverages are extra charged.

During the entire cruise, the crew will take care of your comfort & safety and what’s most important. They will provide you with lots of fun!

The Vikings present sword handling show, you will have the opportunity to try some original costumes from the Viking era. Also, taking souvenir photo on the throne of Eric Redbeard himself.

About us

Ragnarok Tenerife. The Viking Boat of Tenerife Ragnarok is a longboat that is hard to miss. You can see the ship from far away due to it’s size and the distinct shields on the sides.