Trekking in Tenerife

Most of the people associate Tenerife and Canary Islands with mass tourism and this is partly true. People who avoid crowds of tourists try to stay away from such places. You will find that the Canary Islands is a stunning travel destination. You’ll also find out that Trekking in Tenerife can actually please even the most spoiled ones of us.

You can start the adventure of Trekking in Tenerife with the Masca walk. When you arrived in Masca village you will see how fantastic it is.

The hiking trail itself goes down from the village of Masca to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Rocky terrain is a bit of challenge for the knees but soon the legs get used to it. It is only a 9 km walk. Otherwise, Masca’s walk is nothing less than a spectacular experience.

You are descending between the majestic cliffs. Different volcanic formations and shapes on the way are amazing.

It is indeed one of the most beautiful places for hiking in Tenerife.

Trekking in Tenerife

Trekking in Tenerife is one of the most amazing experiences while in the island. Discover with us the beautiful secret places of la costa del Palm-mar and other fantastic routes. We have select the best ones for you!. These trekking trips are definitely a must to do in your holidays. Visit secret natural swimming pools or the amazing forests. Hike the Guaza mountain and see the world from above!
Choose with the various options that we put at your disposal.

Trekking is very nice because most of the ways you will walk are protected from the Government of Tenerife. You will always have the light breeze that makes the trekking experience even better. Yet going up or down in different walkways might be a totally different incredible challenge.

Tenerife Trekking In Teide National Park

If you are looking for real trekking sites, we recommend Teide National Park. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited national parks in Europe. Yet do not let this fact fool you. It is not overcrowded site for trekking in the island.