Trekking excursions in Tenerife.

Trekking Excursions at Gran Azul Tours Tenerife. We have several different kinds of trekking activities that will meet a variety of your desires. Here, we’ve rounded up all the types of best Outdoor Experience excursions & tours that we can provide to you. A good dose of this Trekking experiences are very suitable for people who seek thrill and want to feel the  adventure in their lives.

At Gran Azul Tours we can recommend to you some of the best Trekking tours in Tenerife. Feel and experience the most exciting views, landscapes, nature life and beauty scenery of the island.

Choose between all the choices that we put at your disposal and enjoy your next great trekking adventure with us!

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Experience the Mount Teide National Park and northern Tenerife on day tours from south Tenerife. Travel into Mount Teide’s UNESCO-listed volcanic landscapes, call at the quaint town of Vilaflor. Visit Icod de Los Vinos to see its famous Drago Tree and have lunch. Then, enjoy the natural scenery of Tenerife with its amazing forest and bring all your family and friends for an unforgettable experience.

Get in total connection with the amazing nature of the island.

The outdoor excursions in Tenerife are one of the most demanded activities due to the incredible scenery of the island. Its multiple walk ways inside the forest, nature and volcanic landscapes, makes this island as one of the best locations for nature and cultural discoveries.

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Tenerife is the island of the thousand experiences. There are a thousand things you can do at any time of year. Thanks to the mild climate and the enormous range of land activities on offer on the largest of the Canary Islands.

Take your next level trekking tour along one of the trails that venture into the lush forests. Discover the amazing animal species & get connected with the nature at 100%.

Don´t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the most fantastic views of this amazing island in the less invasive way.

Trekking tours with us to the next level!


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